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Virtual Platform Setup

No two events are the same. Our team strives hard to create an event platform that can meet your unique requirements including technology and design components.

member registration

You can fully automate and manage your event’s registration process using our platform. It can be free, paid or a mix of both the registration options.

online marketing

Do you need additional support in handling marketing related activities? Look nowhere, our team of marketing experts will be thrilled to assist you.

live-day support

Live event-day support will ensure that your audience enjoy an unhindered event experience. Live day-support is included in all of our product packages.


Measuring event success. We will help you track and report information on event traffic,  audience interaction, ROI and many more dimenstions!

Post event support

Our team will be available to support  you even after the event is successfully organized. We will be on standby to assist you with – data archival, post-event accessibility, conversion tracking etc.

We Solve Real Problems

lack of engagement

Poorly designed and unreliable solutions often fail to engage audiences and meet event objectives.

Poor Customer Retention

Inability to retain participating audiences create significant financial and non-financial challenges for any business.

Rising Costs

Rising one-time and ongoing costs make it difficult to share your story with more people, with potential negative impact on business growth.

Dynamic challenges

Ever changing challenges and increasing complexity in the world are difficult to address using legacy or high-cost solutions.

Inconsistent experience

Inconsistent platform experience can lead to poor brand perception by the participating members.

reporting challenges

Inaccurate or insufficient information on event participants, attendee engagement and user retention fail to measure event success.



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Host four Events (2 unique URLs) starting at​
$ 13,700 Annual License


Host Unlimited Events (4 unique URLs) starting at
Contact Us Annual License

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